Kaap Koffie in Organic Retail


Are you an organic shop owner?

Kaap Koffie cooperates with the wonderful team of IDorganics for the distribution of coffee in organic retail. Do you have an organic shop and do you feel, just like us, the urge to offer the cleanest coffee on earth?


IDorganics is a Zaandam based pioneer and specialist in organic food such us nuts, rice, pasta, seeds, chocolate, tea and coffee. IDorganics trades directly with local farmers and processes, mixes and roasts organic consumer products in-house. Having a packaging line and a warehouse IDorganics is the perfect fit for all European organic shops.


Get in touch with Jetse at jetse@idorganics.com and learn more about prices, volumes and lead-times.


Are you a consumer?

Keen to buy Kaap Koffie at your local organic store? Tell the staff to get in touch with us or let us know how to get in touch with them. We’ll be more than happy to get Kaap Koffie close to your home.

Kaap Koffie at home


  • Organic coffee beans
  • Nature Reserve Sierra Nevada, Colombia
  • Cooperation of female only farmers (Direct Trade)
  • Transported by sailing ship (100% powered by nature)
  • 100% biodegradable paper bag with plant-based coating
  • Handwritten information (no hip labels)
  • Exclusively sold at the Café de Ceuvel shop

Help us reduce emission: come by bike (or canoe)

Korte Papaverweg 4
1032KB Amsterdam (Noord)

Opening hours:
Tue & Wed 10:00 – 18:00 hrs.
Thu – Sun 12:00 – 20:00 hrs.

Kaap Koffie at your office


Show yourself and your coworkers you care about the Green Deal and the Paris Climate Agreement!

Here’s what we do:

  1. We drink a cup of Kaap Koffie together*
  2. You take some alone time to let to the real price of coffee sink in
  3. In the meantime, we work out a zero-waste customized plan for your specific work situation
  4. Our mutual effort to make the world a better place takes off

*If you don’t like the taste we’ll visit our roastery to adjust the roasting process until your taste buds are happy

Call: +31 6 55 343 661
Mail: fax@kaapkoffie.com